Herbal Products

Herbal Pediatric Products

  1. Appetite Stimulant - improves appetite naturally
  2. Cough Syrup - specially formulated for dry, allergic cough in children
  3. Immunity enhancing syrup - specially formulated for children who frequently tend to develop respiratory ailments
  4. Hepatoprotective / Liver tonic - stimulates liver function in children
  5. Brain tonic – helps children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  6. Gripe water syrup – helps provide relief from colic, spasmodic pain, indigestion, gas in infants & children

Herbal Female Health Products

  1. Female Tonic to improve lactation in nursing mothers
  2. Intimate cream – helps tone vaginal muscles after delivery
  3. Bust toning cream – helps tone sagging breasts, especially after child-birth

Herbal Male Health Products

  1. Special formula
  2. 'Extra’ Special formula:

Herbal Lifestyle Products

  1. Senna tablets – natural laxative for chronic / occasional constipation
  2. Senna syrup – natural laxative for chronic / occasional constipation
  3. Brain tonic for adults – helps treat memory lapses, improves memory retention, relieves stress, improves quality of sleep
  4. Green Coffee Bean extract capsules – helps lose weight
  5. Ginger tablets – helps relieve nausea associated with travel / motion sickness and pregnancy
  6. Natural sleep capsules – helps promote natural sleep
  7. Sugar free Cough Syrup – specially formulated for grown-ups

Herbal Innovations

  1. Herbal Cigarettes
  2. Herbal Red Wine – Wine with a hint of Ayurveda

Herbal Extracts

  1. Herba Neuva sources its extracts from some of India’s best manufacturers, and hence can offer a range of standardized herbal extracts.

Herba Neuva, truly, your business partner in Herbals